Monday, January 14, 2013

01/14/13 • Erin's Dirty Socks and Panties

January 14, 2013 • Posted from home

I got up early this morning. On my way downstairs to my office, I noticed Erin's striped socks that shed worn the day before with her Converse lying on top of the laundry basket next to the panties shed also worn. So, of course, I scooped them up and tucked them into the pocket of my robe, turned off the alarm, and went downstairs to my office.

I slipped out of my robe and locked my office door. I was naked, of course, as I always sleep naked... I cannot stand to have clothes twisted around me and I'm naked as often as I can be.

I sat in my office chair and turned on some porn on my laptop. Erin's socks smelled amazing. The only good thing about the couple of weeks of cold we get in Arizona in the winter is that she will wear shoes and socks.

Normally, she wears sandals and flip flops the entire rest of the year. While I do love seeing her naked feet all of the time, I really miss her shoes and socks.

Warm climates are wonderful for a guy with a foot fetish and hard on the guy with a fetish for shoes and socks. As it turns out, I fall into both. So I enjoy taking advantage of socks when she wears them.

I slipped my cock into on of her dirty socks and slid it up and down over my cock while alternately enjoying the smell of her other sock and her dirty panties. Her sock is soft and I really enjoyed the way it looked on my cock and the way it felt.

I really wanted to let go and cum in her sock, and I used to do that from time to time, but now, given that they are so rare these days, I just want to hang on to them as long as I can... which is generally until either she tosses a fresh pair of dirty socks in the laundry basket, or until the scent dissipates.

So I pulled her sock off of my cock before I came, which turned out to be the first of three times during the hour. It was a most productive morning.

Her socks and her panties are in my office draw, waiting until the next time I masturbate. They do make me feel close to her. If we are going through a period where we don't have sex often (and we've only had sex once so far this year) then at least this lets me feel like she is a part of things and I can feel closer to her.

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