Wednesday, January 23, 2013

01/23/13 • Sore ... and not in a good way

January 23, 2013 • Posted from a hotel in Orlando, Florida

Not having a very good day today. Stayed up late last night texting Erin and watching Pirate porn. The pic is from last night in bed. Came twice, although I really don't care much for production porn any more. There were a few decent scenes. Enjoyed the lesbian porn more than anything, but the fake boobs do nothing for me.

Long day at work today and got rear ended on the way to dinner. We were stopped... As was traffic in front of us... And the guy two cars behind us looked down to check his phone and bam! He hit the car behind us, they hit us, and then he hit her again, and she hit us again. Very sore now. Back feels terrible, but my neck is feeling better.

I took a hot bath and that helped. Going to watch some more porn and try to make myself feel better in the best way I know how. I wish Erin were here with me. I could use a back rub and just having her near me would make so much difference.


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