Monday, January 14, 2013

01/14/13 • Precum

January 14, 2013 • Posted from Home

Just the smell of Erin's dirty socks and panties is enough to turn me on tremendously. I was watching some porn while masturbating... Bisexual Cuckold Porn. I love watching the men sucking cock and cleaning up the other guy's cum from her pussy. I like it when it seems semi-forced and the woman gets bossy and demanding and just a little demeaning. Some people say that women have been demeaned in porn for years, and while I don't really agree with that - they wanted to do it and I think it's perfectly fine to be a slut or to want to be dominated or to just earn a paycheck as you like - it is nice to see the men get their turn for a change. Usually, she'll have him jack off onto her feet and have him clean that up too.

Almost immediately, I was dripping precum (which tasted very nice I might add). And before I knew it, I'd cum three times before cleaning it up myself.

I love it when Erin gets a little bossy. Usually, she will call me her bitch. I love that. She asked me to cook her an egg yesterday morning since I was cooking myself one. She asked nicely and I just gave her a look of disapproval and said no. She said why not? And I replied that she needed to ask me the right way. Of course, with the kids, that means saying please. So she asked again all sweet and said please. I gave her the look again and shook my head. She caught on, changed her tone and said, "Make me an egg, bitch!" "yes, ma'am". :)

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