Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/22/2012 Hotel Sex (Erin)

December 22, 2012 • Posted from our hotel in Indiana

We got the kids to bed. The three oldest are staying with grandma so we only had the four youngest in the hotel with us.

I was lying in bed with Erin. She had on her pajamas and socks and I was naked. She started rubbing my cock with her hand and played with my nipples for a while. Eventually, she started rubbing my cock with her socked feet. I was so turned on by that! And then she went back to using her hands and would occasionally scratch lightly with her nails as she focused on just the underside of the tip of my cock. It was heaven.

After about a half an hour, she asked me to get up and turn the heat down a bit. When I got back in bed, I laid with my head down near her feet and started rubbing her socked feet. Her socks smelled amazing and I kissed and licked at them while I gave her a short foot massage.

I moved back up to Erin and kissed her boobs and sucked her nipples and kissed my way down her tummy and then her thighs. I fingered her as I licked and sucked slowly at her clit. She was so wet and very responsive. I rolled her over a little and kissed her naked butt and then went back to her pussy and then down to her anus. I licked her there for a good fifteen minutes while fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

I moved back up to kiss her and slipped a finger deep into her ass and my thumb in her pussy. She started moaning and writhing on the bed and I slipped my cock inside of her and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. I sat up and kept fucking her as I brought her socked foot up to my mouth and kissed her foot and sucked on her toes. After a while I took off her sock and continued as she started rubbing her clit. I was close to cumming too so I pulled out to flip her over so I could fuck her doggy style while fingering her ass and just as I pulled out, she came. It left her with an orgasm about a fourth of what it should have been (she said).

I started fucking her for a while and eventually turned her back over and licked her pussy for a little while longer and then started fucking her. She started rubbing her clit and after about ten minutes I could tell she was getting a little frustrated. Her second orgasm was right on the edge but wouldn't quite come. I bit her chest and shoulders and lightly choked her neck a bit and scratched her back and it all brought her closer and closer but it was still elusive. I slipped out of her and moved down to lick her pussy again. Within a few seconds, her hands were tangled in my hair and her hips were bucking against my face and then, with my fingers inside her, she exploded.

I slipped back inside of her and started fucking her as she scratched hard at my back. I came inside of her and we collapsed in a heap on the bed. It was such a fun night!


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