Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/2012 Hotel Sex (Sara)

November 28, 2012 • Posted from a hotel in Kentucky

I texted Lindsay tonight to see if she was free to drive down from Indianapolis. She didn't have a babysitter so that was out. I was disappointed. Erin and I keep going back and forth on the open marriage thing and it seems like the main reason it goes back is that nothing ever happens anyway. I miss how close the sex with Lindsay brought us and so I want to know if we can have that again.

I got on OK Cupid, not really looking and not expecting anything at all. There is a broadcasting feature that I have never used. I was curious so I turned it on. There was one other person broadcasting who was close by. I pulled up her profile and read through it and looked at the photos. She seemed normal. In an open marriage. Not a very detailed profile, but sounded like she was in a similar position to us. She was attractive. A smoker, so that was a bit of a downer. And a year older than me. She is 38.

By the time I was done looking at her profile, I'd received a notification that she had indicated she was interested in meeting. I clicked on it and started talking briefly. This was at a quarter after six.

She said she was impressed with my profile and we chatted about my travel plans. She has been married for 16 years. One daughter. Swinging off and on for ten years, but with the same people at house parties. She said she is in love with her husband and was happy to see I am in love with my wife. I told her about the one experience I'd had with Lindsay and how Erin and I had come clean about cheating. She told me her husband likes the idea of her having a boyfriend for a one on one physical relationship, occasionally dating. Something regular. I said that sounded like what I was looking for.

We talked about Erin's feelings about me having sex with other women while travelling. We talked about our sexual health. I told her Erin was aware we were talking. She said her husband was also.

She asked what hotel I was staying in. I told her. It was ten minutes from their house. I asked her to dinner. She had already eaten but said she would join me. We agreed to meet in the lobby. She asked if I had condoms, just in case. I did. She told me she is not into rough sex or spanking. I said that was fine and asked what she did enjoy. She said she was easy to read. No anal unless she asks. She has to be in the mood. Anything else is enjoyed. She said she'd be texting her husband every so often so he knows she is ok. That was fine with me. At 9:07, she was on the road to come to the hotel.

I was EXTREMELY nervous about meeting. I was texting with Erin, who was reassuring me. After a half an hour, I figured she was not coming. I sent her a message asking if she was ok or if she had the correct hotel. She said we were about to find out. Turns out she was in the parking lot for a while, nervous herself. I told Erin she was here. Erin said "Cool. Go get em tiger"

When she came in, I recognized her immediately. She looked like her pictures, which was very good. She was average weight. Short hair. Close to my height. It was what I was expecting. We shook hands and she told me her name is Sara.

We talked about all kinds of things while her husband kept texting and calling. She was embarrassed but I thought it was sweet how he was making sure she was ok. We talked about my past history with Lindsay and about her past experiences and about open marriage in general. We talked about 50 Shades of Grey and the Cross series by Sylvia Day. She suspects I would enjoy them. She just finished book two.

I was so nervous, I could not eat. So I invited her up to the room. We talked for another long while sitting on the bed. Her husband called her a couple of times checking in. She told me my photo did not do me justice. She was happy with the way I looked. I was very happy to hear that. Must be the new facial hair ;)

She was obviously even more nervous than me. Eventually, I said, we just need to break the touch barrier and I put my hand on her leg. A few minutes later, she took off her shoes and socks and I did the same. Then she got on her knees in front of me and undid my jeans and pulled my cock out and said, "this is what I'm after" as she started sucking me. She pulled my jeans off as she continued. It felt really good. She was good. I unbuttoned my dress shirt and helped her out of her shirt and bra and she continued to suck me as I played with her nipples. She was moaning and slurping on my cock. Licking the sides. After a while, she asked if I had a condom and said she wanted my cock inside of her. I put a condom (Trojan Twisted Pleasure) on as she laid down on the bed. She was very turned on and was moaning almost immediately as I slid my cock in her pussy. I rubbed her clit as I fucked her and she started going wild. She was moaning. Loud. There is no way people in the next room could not hear if the room is occupied. She started scratching my back and rubbing my nipples and even started biting my chest. I was enjoying it and then she stopped and apologized and said she didn't want to leave marks. I still have the hickey Erin gave me before I left home. I told her it was ok, but she left no marks, though I can still feel where she scratched my back.

I came before she did, as I expected I would, but continued to rub her clit and finger her pussy until she came. She was moaning. Loud. Breathing heavy. Shaking. Wet - dripping. She was all over the bed. Her husband called her right as she was cumming. She called out my name. His timing was perfect and I think it is actually what put her over the edge. She called him back and then we talked as we got dressed. She said it was totally worth the drive over. She had never met a man in a hotel before and was nervous. She said again twice how worth it the drive was. She asked if I was ok with everything. I told her I was great. I had fun too.

When we were dressed, I walked her out to her car. Gave her a hug, said goodbye, and she was off to give her husband all the details of fucking me and then have sex with him. She doesn't want to go to sleep with someone other than him to be the last one to fuck her. Sweet. :)

Now I am talking to Erin about it all.


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