Friday, November 2, 2012

11/02/2012 Balcony Sex: revisited (Erin)

November 2, 2012 • Posted from our beach condo in Florida

The sun has set. The children are asleep. Erin laid in bed as we talked. I was in my favorite place at the foot of the bed. Massaging Erin's bare feet. Sucking her toes. Licking her soles.

I led her through the condo and out onto the balcony. The moon is bright and the entire beach is lit up. The waves breaking on the sand can be easily seen below us. It's a little chilly and Erin has on her jacket. I, on the other hand, am already naked. With a slight shiver, as the chill wind blows against my body... bare skin from head to toe.

We kiss and I relieve her of her shorts and panties and sit her down on the patio chair where I've laid my shorts so naked skin won't touch the cold plastic. She leans back and finds that I am already at her feet between her legs. She is facing the Gulf and I am on the cold tile floor, knees spread, with my naked ass daring to greet any who might pass by on a nightly stroll. My cock dangles between my legs as I feel the wind on my legs, my ass, my balls, my back, my cock... and it teases my hair and caresses my back and flirts with my balls as my cock hardens in response.

My lips touch her lips... and she tastes heavenly. Her pussy is wet, like the ocean, but oh so warm, inviting my tongue inside... Salty, Savory. Delicious.

My lips move to her clit and soon my tongue is licking and flicking and my lips are sucking and her hips are bucking as my fingers slips inside her pussy... first my index finger... then my middle finger joins... my ring finger slips inside her ass, well past the knuckle, and she begins to moan. The moon gives light enough that our bodies can be seen. Her moans compete with the breaking of the waves and I know that if others are out on their balconies as well, her pleasure will carry on the wind to their ears and they will share in her extacy.

Her fingers twist in my hair as she pushes the back of my head and lifts her hips to return the kisses I give to her lips below.
And she cums. And I am rewarded with the sweet flavor of her juice, with the pulsating squeeze on my ring finger, with the beautiful sound of her voice, and the pleasure of being her pleasure.

We smile. I help her to her feet and sit in her place as I pull her to climb onto my lap.

I face the water and her naked ass replaces mine to reward any who might have held their secretive lingering view.

My cock slides easily inside of her eager wet pussy and we make love in the open air to the rhythm of the waves. Our bodies meet as the water meets the sand. We withdraw as the water recedes. And then again. And again. And again.

With her arms around my shoulders and her lips sucking and kissing my neck, I can't control my own moans. Louder than she. And without warning, I burst suddenly inside of her.

And our thrusting subsides. And we smile again. And the waves continue on in rhythmic applause.

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