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11/04/2012 Answer: Making Erin Cum

November 4, 2012 • Posted from home (Arizona)

I received the following question from my favorite Tumblr follower (theblueangelstar):

"Have you ever failed to give Erin a cum?"

My response:

Good morning, Angel... Well, it's morning here. :)

Have I failed to give Erin an orgasm? Yes and no.

It depends on when you are asking. She's only ever experienced an orgasm with two people: Me and herself alone. When we first dated in high school, we had sex a lot, but she never had an orgasm except alone. She was VERY shy and VERY self conscious. Still is though she has learned to open up with me.

These two factors made it very difficult for her to relax enough to have an orgasm with me, even through the first several years of our marriage. Add to that, in our sexual inexperience relative to most of the world, we had no idea what we were doing. Eventually, she opened up enough to tell me what felt good to her. She shared how she made herself cum. Her revelations came in tiny pieces over a very long period of time, but I eventually did figure it out. She taught me how to make a woman cum. And so far, I've only made two cum: Erin and Lindsay (my coworker open marriage fling). I've made several guys cum... most when I was a kid... guys are much easier lol.

After the first few times I made her cum it was still hard to get her there because she needed to be totally relaxed and feel secure. There were times when it was elusive. It frustrated us both. Me because I so very much wanted and needed to give her pleasure. Her because she wanted it so badly. Perhaps the chase has contributed to why I am so into her pleasure and why I am so obsessed and so very much enjoy licking her pussy. On top of the fact that I am crazy in love with her. :)

Once we figured it out, there's been no issues with giving her an orgasm. Aside from quickies... she does still need time and patience and attention to cum... she cums every time we fuck or make love. In the past year and a half, usually more than once. Perhaps we are making up for the ones she missed early on. lol And I don't mind at all that it can take her a little while to get there. It's just more time I get to spend between her legs: my favorite place in all the world. ;)

I would say, for the most part, I've not failed to make her cum at all in the last 8-10 years. Probably two or three years of struggling to get there prior to that. And eight years (six removing the two we were apart after high school) of it being entirely elusive. But I will say - quickies aside like the public restroom where time is a concern and the goal is not the orgasm - I have never failed to try to make her cum. Like many women and most men, she needed to learn how to relax and I needed to be taught what I was doing. Turns out in porn... they are usually doing it wrong.

Incidentally, a GREAT book for anyone struggling to get there (or anyone at all really) is The Guide To Getting It On by Paul Joannides. It is hands down THE most comprehensive resource I've ever seen on sex and our bodies, written in wit and humor. It should be required reading for Sex Ed. I learned a LOT. Still am.

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