Friday, October 26, 2012

10/26/2012 Flashy Black Ass (Erin)

October 26, 2012 • Posted from a gas station somewhere in Florida

As Erin and I made the drive back to our beach condo from Disney World, we stopped at a gas station to fill up and use the restroom.

We had just pulled up to the pump and I was looking down in my lap, pulling my card out of my wallet and I heard Erin gasp in surprise. I looked up and there was an SUV parked in front of us with six black women either inside or standing outside next to it. One of them, was facing away from us. She was wearing a dress. That dress was pulled up to her waist. She was not wearing panties. And there was her ass.

I've honestly never seen a black woman naked before, except in pictures or videos, so that was, in and of itself, a novel experience on top of the novel experience of seeing such a brazen woman out in public. Kinky is the word that came to my mind. Skanky was the word Erin used. And I'm sure we each were not far off the mark. They were probably a little of both.

She did pull her dress back down as Erin started to open her door but after she and the kids went inside to use the restroom, I kept watching as I pumped gas. She kept shaking her hips as she talked to her friend. Bouncing about as though she was chilly. Her dress kept making its way up to expose her ass in my direction. She pulled it back down again and the process repeated itself a half dozen times before she got into the car.

It was an interesting experience. I admit I had a fun time watching.

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