Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/09/2010 First Facial (Erin)

November 9, 2010 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

This had been a fantasy of mine for years. It was one of those things I had never done with anyone and I love doing new things with Erin. We had been fighting all day. Huge fight. Knock down, drag out, yelling and screaming fight. The only good thing about fights like that is that making up can be just as ferocious. One second we were fighting and the next I told her I was going to fuck her.

She said we were fighting. I said fine. I’ll take care of myself and maybe I’ll just cum on your face this time. She gave me that look… the one that half says I dare you and half says don’t you fucking dare. I dared. She wasn’t saying no and I think she just wanted to see if I had the nerve to go through with it.

My pants came off and I stood on the floor masturbating next to the bed while she laid on her pillow. Before long, I was on the bed with one knee to either side of her shoulders pinning her to the pillow. I kept stroking and I came on her face.

It broke the tension between us and all was right with the world again. She looked so hot! She was so beautiful. It was fun! Minus the fight, I would just love to do it again.

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