Friday, November 28, 2008

1987: The Other Half (Keith)

November 28, 2008 - Posted from home (Indiana)

A boy named Keith lived in the other half of the double across the street from my house. Keith and I became friends quickly and I would often go over to his house to play Star Wars on Atari. He had the 7800 and we had the 2600 so we were always going back and forth because we had different games on each system. It was 1987. I was eleven and Keith was thirteen.

One time when he was over at my house, we were playing in the basement and there were these huge 1970's carpeted pillows... we were laying on them. I don't remember at all how it started except to say that I do know I made the first move. I remember asking him if he was gay. I remember him saying no. Somehow we went on from there and ended up in nothing but our white undies. I was laying on top of him and we were dry humping... rubbing our hard dicks together... grinding... with only a couple thin layers of fabric between them. I loved the way it felt, but I really also enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin. His body was warm. My bare chest was pressed against his, my arms wrapped around behind his back, my face against his neck, my hands up on his shoulders so I could push and pull myself up and down his body as I thrust with my hips and thighs. I liked that contact with another person, besides just touching them with my hand. He also smelled really good. Sometimes, I'd breath in just as he exhaled and we were close enough that I'd breath him in. I remember liking that a lot. I loved playing at his house because his whole house smelled like him. If I had known better at the time, I'd probably have classified how I felt as a sort of crush. I was definitely drawn to him. I always just chalked it up to him being an older kid and that's how younger kids were.

The orgasms were so much better than those I had masturbating, which up to now was the only way I had ever experienced them. I didn't understand at all what was going on with my body when I felt them... the words I always used in my head as it was happening was that was the point we were "getting to each other". I loved doing it and feeling it. My first orgasms with another person were with Keith. He was a couple years older than me so looking back I am surprised he never ejaculated. He should have been at the right age, I would think... but I guess he was late bloomer maybe.

We did this on probably a dozen different occasions. I remember kissing his shoulders and neck a few times and once I kissed him on the lips. I really liked him a lot but of course never could say the words... partly because I was afraid it would mean he might think I was "gay"... as though grinding my dick against his wasn't part of that equation. It's funny the things we are afraid of or the things we rationalize... especially when we are confused and growing up.

He emailed me not too long ago... found me through a website we were both on... we've chatted. We had a bad falling out before he moved ... probably both of us trying to deal with our own guilt and shame of someone else knowing our deepest secret... so I was shocked when he emailed me. He's either forgotten or forgiven.

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