Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/25/2012 Disney's Art of Animation (Erin)

October 25, 2012 • Posted from Walt Disney World: Art of Animation Resort in Florida #7805

We decided to take an excursion over to Disney World for a couple of days to check out the new Art of Animation Resort and take a break from the beach. It's beautiful, but cooling off and Erin feels a little bummed so we were hoping to change things up a bit.

The Disney Resorts are all on my sex bucket list so we had a quickie. It was late by the time we drove over and got settled into the room. We got the kids to bed and Erin played with my nipples while I fucked her to speed things along. Not even any foreplay. Disappointing but hoping for more another night.

The deal we made was I would pay for one of the rooms and she would pay for one of the rooms. Since it was an u budgeted expense, I'm using all of what little blow money I have. So she agreed to give me a blow job in exchange. Kind of a fun little twist. I'd have paid for it anyway because I want her to be happy but this is even better! :)

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