Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/21/2012 Condo Shower Quickie (Erin)

October 21, 2012 • Posted from our beach condo in Florida

Last night's foot job was fun! :)

Started off today masturbating in the shower. Erin commented on how surprised she is that I can be so horny so often, pointing out I had just cum less than twelve hours ago. I reminded her of how sexy she was, especially naked and wet.

I didn't finish in the shower. Hot water started running low. But I started again once we were out, on my knees kissing her butt as she brushed her teeth. When she finished, I sat her up on the sink counter again and came inside of her after a fun little quickie. She commented about how much cum was inside of her. And on my cock. And then she laughed as she realized there was also a puddle on the floor. It was quite a bit!

Off to the outlet mall for some shopping! I had my fun. Time for hers. :)

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