Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20/2012 Disappointed - Missed Opportunity (Erin)

October 20, 2012 • Posted from Cape San Blas, FL

Spent the day collecting shells at the beach down in Cape San Blas. Just checking out the area to see if we might want to vacation here another time. Erin had heard good things about it.

There was a single restroom at a public beach access area. There was no one around at all. The beach was deserted except for the very occasional passerby and the restroom is a good walk from there. Just populated enough near it that you don't feel secluded and empty enough that you do. And it was very clean. With a deadbolt.

I suggested to Erin that we might have sex and knock public restroom off our (my) bucket list. The kids were in the van (which was literally parked right next to the restroom ... less than a foot away from the bumper). Open air enough to keep an ear out and the oldest is old enough to sit with them. I know... risky to do with the kids there but it's not like we don't have sex with them in the house. They know we have sex. We answer their questions about sex openly and with age appropriate information). If only we were alone, she said she would have been up for it.

I do understand and agree with her caution, especially with the kids in the car (it's 70° by the way so no worries about that) but it is a little disappointing to have such a great opportunity and have to pass it up. It's fine though. I want her to enjoy sex too so if she isn't up for it then I wouldn't have as much fun if she did it just for me anyway. Oh well. Even if I did not agree, it wouldn't make much difference. At the end of the day, she's in charge and no is no. As she put it... maybe next time.

She isn't all that comfortable with public sex generally anyway. So I suggested I might just need to find another woman to experience some of the bucket list items that she isn't comfortable with. She's suggested a couple of times on this trip anyway that I need to find a new girl on the side. Keeps things spiced up between the two of us. So the hunt is on. I don't wanna let Erin down and it is fun to fuck another girl once in a while.

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