Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18/2012 FIVE! - Erin's Orgasm Record (Erin)

October 18, 2012 • Posted from our condo on the beach in Florida.

It started with a fight this afternoon. Then we made up well enough. We got to bed and were talking for an hour and a half. I started to play with her pussy through her panties and then removed her panties and pajamas altogether. I, of course, was already naked as I do not wear anything to bed.

I kissed my way down her body and gave her a foot rub as I sucked on her toes and licked and kissed her feet for a good twenty minutes.

I kissed my way back up her legs and started to lick her pussy. Right away, she was very wet. And she tasted amazing. Probably the best she's ever tasted. Certainly the wettest I've ever felt known her to be... especially so early on.

She was on her iPhone throughout the time I was licking her pussy. I massaged her pubic bone with my left hand while sucking an licking her clit and fucking her g-spot with my the middle and index fingers of my right hand. When her hips started bucking up against my mouth, I was surprised that she had not put down her phone. But I realized that she'd closed her eyes. She held onto that phone throughout each of her orgasms. The first came suddenly. She wasn't quite expecting it.

I removed my fingers from her pushy and focused solely on her clit for a while, building to her second orgasm. As she started to writhe beneath me again, I began rubbing her anus with my thumb while I continued my oral attentions on her clit. Shortly after inserting my thumb an inch inside of her ass, she had her second orgasm. It came on as even more surprising and she later said it was both unexpected and the most powerful of them all.

I licked her anus for a couple of minutes to give her clit a short rest and then put my two fingers inside of her pussy again to rub her g-spot as I moved my tongue back to her clit. With my first and middle fingers still inside of her pussy, I slipped my ring finger in her ass and double penetrated her. She literally gasped at the sensation. With her head thrown back and her hips bucking into me, she had her third orgasm.

I tentatively continued licking her pussy, expecting to be told she was finished as that is the usual after our typical 3 orgasms: our record up to this point that was set just over a year ago in Indiana: the night our daughter was conceived.

She didn't stop me and was moaning again. I continued tending to her clit and pussy and started pulling at first her left nipple and then both of them. She was writhing beneath me and breathing harder as her fourth orgasm came. Our new record! I was quite proud of us.

I've had 5 orgasms on our bucket list since that one episode of Friends with Ross and Rachael's "night of five times". Almost as a joke. I fully expected that four would be the end. She was visibly worn out and we did set a new record. But she kept rubbing her pussy against my lips and so I quite happily carried on.

After about five minutes, she was bucking me harder. Still clutching her iPhone with her left hand for some inexplicable reason, she had a handful of my hair in her right hand and was pushing me hard against her pussy. I love it when she does it.

My fingers were inside of her again, fucking her furiously ad my lips continued their attentions on the deliciousness of her pussy. I'd barely removed my lips from her clit for the better part of forty-five minutes, save for the brief moment to lick her anus and to probe deep inside of her to suck the sticky juices from her pussy. My fingers had literally been sloshing in and out. The taste was indescribable. Delicious. Sexy. Addictive. She was the taste of orgasm... of the very essence of sex itself.

As her fifth, and final orgasm began to build, her head was thrown back against her pillow. Her fingers were tangled in a mess of blond hair as she pushed my head down into the pussy that her hips were bucking forward. My fingers pumped in and out in a now familiar rhythm as I sucked her now quite elongated clit and rubbed her pubic mound. She began flailing now. Moaning. Breathing hard. Almost screaming... the closest I've come to bringing her to that point. It was as though she was efforting to stifle the sound that was coming forth from her body. She was clearly out of control of her body... now an exploding mass of reflexes. Her fifth, and final, orgasm nearly brought her off the edge of the bed. With her back arched, she did come up completely off the mattress from the waist up. Had I not had my weight on her, clinging to her lower half, she may very well have flown. I have never experienced her body so animated and responsive. It was truly extraordinary. I smiled up at her and whispered, "I love you..." And I meant it. I was consumed by her at that point.

And we've a new record: 5 orgasms. I am jealous and proud of her all at once. We had sex and she sucked at my neck and scratched at my sunburned back. With ripples of pleasure coursing through my body between my cock and the spot she was sucking on my neck, I came hard inside of her.

Five. I still can't believe we managed that many. It wasn't even planned. The perfect end to a really rough day.

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