Tuesday, July 13, 2010

07/13/2010 Shopping for Panties

July 13, 2010 - Posted from a hotel in Missouri (Independence, MO)

I was on a road trip for work... on the way there, I stopped at a couple of different Wal-marts. I bought some panties and pink socks...

There were women shopping in these departments... all over the place it seemed. I was so nervous... I was just sure that one of them would somehow know I was wearing panties and shopping for myself. I occasionally made out like I was looking for my wife and tried to console myself by thinking that these women had no idea who I was and would never see me again, but my heart just kept racing.

I went to a self checkout and wouldn't you know, one of the items rang up with an error and flagged the woman over to override it. Just as this was happening, a young couple came up behind me and literally watched me ring everything up. I must have been blushing so hard it had to be obvious.

When I got home, Erin and I went out looking for matching panties. She commented on how relaxed I seemed to be picking up panties and talking about my size in normal tones. I realized those other experiences had helped me to get comfortable. Now, walking through the store, I can't help but feel the fabric and imagine how they would feel on me. My heart still races. It's still a thrill... but oh do I enjoy it!

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