Wednesday, May 5, 2010

05/05/2010 A Little Embarassing... (Erin)

May 5, 2010 Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

We were at my father's house for Christmas a few years ago. I had a picture of Erin with my cock in her mouth that I had printed to keep in my wallet. I was pulling something else out to show my younger brother's wife... (who I happened to date in high school... well not date exactly ... technically she was going out with my brother at the time).

Anyway... the picture slipped out and she picked it up and was looking at it while I flipped through my wallet. She just stood there holding it, studying it for a couple of minutes while I looked. I had completely forgotten I had it in there and had no idea that's what she had. When I looked up and saw it, I froze... but when I looked at her, she was just smiling and tucked it back in my wallet and said, "well... better hang onto that one".

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