Wednesday, September 26, 2012

09/26/2012 She Wears Me Out (Erin)

September 26, 2012 • Posted from home (Arizona)

Last night was fun, but it came at a price. I am very tired today! We finally got the kids to bed and the baby was up until after midnight fussing. We are supposed to be going to bed early so we can more easily get up early next week when it's time to leave for vacation. We're traveling east and so we don't want the change in time zone causing us to sleep in half the day once we get to the beach.

I stayed up on my iPad until Erin got the baby to sleep and was getting comfortable to go to bed. I had the beginnings of a headache and was barely able to keep my eyes open, I was so tired. Just as I got myself wrapped around my pillow, Erin took on a pouty tone and said, "So I guess I'm not getting any lovin' tonight?" I won't ever tell her no. If she wants or needs intimacy, I am there for her. So despite my headache and tiredness, I reached over and pulled her to me and started kissing her.

Since it's how I sleep every night, I was already conveniently naked. We got her pajamas off and I moved around to the foot of the bed and rolled her over on top of me and started licking her pussy and she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me. We don't do a sixty-nine often because it is difficult for her to concentrate on her orgasm and difficult for me not to concentrate on mine. It's fun though and I really enjoyed it. I bent her legs at the knee so her feet were pulled up behind her ass and rubbed them while I licked her. I fingered her pussy for a while and after about twenty minutes, we rolled over so she was on her back, ending my blow job while I continued to lick and finger her pussy. She started shifting and moaning beneath me and as I started fingering her ass with one hand, while continuing to fuck her pussy, rubbing her g-spot with my other and licking and sucking her clit with my mouth.  She kept stroking my cock and started rubbing y perineum and it just felt so good... I was moaning into her pussy, trying hard to keep my body still enough so my attentions on her continued uninterrupted.

Her orgasm came on suddenly and I literally held on to her to keep from being bucked. I kept licking and sucking through the first and then a second orgasm. Moving up to kiss her deeply, as I always do after licking her pussy - I love to share her cum with her - as she does with mine on those much more rare occasions that she brings me to orgasm with her mouth, I slipped my cock inside of her and we fucked as she played with my nipples and sucked and licked at my neck. Another hickey - though this one is low enough to be hidden by the collar of my shirt. I came inside of her and we just lay holding each other, as she talked about how much better sex is with me than her ex-boyfriend or her neighbor.  I am the only man to give her an orgasm. So far. She told me today that she often thinks of herself with another man if she needs a little push to get herself over the edge of orgasm... or she'll think of the both of us with another man together. I love that. So sexy! :)

By the time we'd finished, my head was throbbing. I took something and fell straight to sleep. Unfortunately, someone from the office (in another time zone) called my cell phone at 6:30am and woke me up. It was approaching 3:00am when we went to sleep. I didn't answer, but couldn't get back to sleep despite the fact that I was so tired. So today's been a bit rough... but totally worth it.

We ran some errands - Erin had a follow up appointment with her midwife and then we went to AT&T and an Apple Store hoping to find a couple of iPhone 5's in stock. No luck. We went to a couple of grocery stores. I'm feeling better now that we are home - go figure - but I am ready for bed. Assuming, of course, that Erin doesn't need my cock or mouth again... I sure am tired... but I also hope she does. Her orgasms are totally worth the lack of sleep. I love making her feel so good. :)

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