Sunday, September 2, 2012

09/02/2012 Unexpected Rewards (Erin)

September 2, 2012 • Posted from home

Erin and I were out at a park yesterday. It was 102° out and I guess the heat just wore us out. We went to bed about 2:00am last night... we stayed up late watching the Goonies with the kids and didnt wake up until around noon. We'd taken a shower last night (since we were all sweaty from being out in the Arizona heat) so the plan was just to get dressed. I started kissing her neck and pulling her clothes off of her and rubbing her body while she brushed her teeth... just being playful. I was dressed by this point... a pair of jean shorts and my "i love my wife" T-shirt.

I led her over to the bed when shed finished brushing her teeth and we were just talking about what we planned to do for the day. I was laying on my back with my head sort of hanging over the edge of the bed. I pulled her over toward me so she was straddling my head and started licking her pussy. Her scent was intoxicating and she simply tasted amazing. I told her to climb up and lay on the bed so I could lick her pussy properly. She said, "I thought we were going to go downstairs".

I told her I wanted her pussy... now. She was completely naked and I was still dressed. She was looking at her iPad at first, but had to put it down rather quickly. She had two orgasms, back to back. I kissed her and smiled and said "that was fun". She said, that's it? No sex? I told her that was up to her. I was more than turned on and would if she wanted to, but I was just planning on pleasuring her.

She said, "Well, that's no fun... I suppose I could return the favor..." I was honestly a bit torn... I just wanted this to be for her, but she was offering me a blow job and it had been soooo long. It took me about fifteen seconds to cave and I was laying on the bed, now also naked. She laughed at my eagerness. I kissed her feet while she sucked my cock. I was so turned on and her mouth felt so fucking amazing. I knew I would not last long... as the thought occured to me, her fingers found their way to my perenium and I started moaning and bucking beneath her as she sucked my cock and massaged my prostate. I came... hard. She was giggling as I came in her mouth.

As I finished, she came to kiss me and spit a rather large amount of cum in my mouth as she kissed me. I commented at my surprise that there was so much and she agreed, saying the first mouthful she swallowed was immediately replaced with even more. I told her, "Well, that is what happens when you don't cum for a few days." She said, "yeah but we just had sex a couple days ago." "Five days ago", I corrected her and she commented that she was surprised I was able to wait that long. She commented that my cum actually tasted good. I agreed. It certainly did. I was certainly not expecting a blowjob this morning, but I am so happy she rewarded me for what was intended to be an afternoon of pleasure focused entirely on her. It was fun. :) 

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