Tuesday, August 7, 2012

08/07/2012 Sex Game: Erin in Charge - Day 4 (Erin)

August 7, 2012 - Posted from home (Phoenix, Arizona)

It's only been four days since I allowed Erin to be in charge of my sexual release. I had an orgasm with her that first night so I am sure I sound rather pathetic when I say that it is starting to get more difficult not to orgasm. We have done nothing the last two days and nothing yet today.

I did rub my cock in the shower this morning but did not allow myself to cum. That only seemed to make things worse for me over all.

Erin and I were just talking and she forgot that we were playing this "game". She is surprised I have managed not to cum for three days. It seems I have genuinely impressed her. That is wonderful of course but I told her the urge is driving me crazy. She said, "that's kind of the point isn't it? I like you all riled up!" I'm riled.

She texted me a picture of herself naked before she got in the shower. I was in the van in a Walmart parking lot changing out of my workout clothes so I could go inside... Her picture came through while I was naked and it was so hard not to just masturbate right then. Instead, I took a picture of myself, naked, and sent it back to her.

She is dropping hints.. Teasing... About what we might do later on. I asked if we could try the exercise ball... She said maybe. I am sure I will be licking her pussy tonight. I'm not so sure I will get to cum. Part of me hopes so. And part of me hopes she makes me wait.

I can't imagine how some guys are forced to go 6 months or a year. I can't imagine. Perhaps it gets easier?

I don't know that I am interested in that kind of lifestyle. I am however enjoying the short period of teasing and denial. I want her so badly right now. Even if it's just to lick her.


  1. We just started tease and denial a few months ago. When I first brought it up my wife thought I was crazy. Don't men want to come all the time?

  2. Yes, we do want to come all the time! That's the point... and sometimes that's the problem. Just because we may like (or need as the situation may be) to be made to wait for it... doesn't mean we don't want it!