Saturday, August 25, 2012

08/25/2012 Dreams of a Coworker (Christina)

August 25, 2012 • Posted from home (Phoenix, Arizona)

So, I had a dream last night about a coworker. I've had a few dreams about her before... innocent... Talking... Holding hands... I've had a crush on her pretty much since the first day we met. There is just something about her I guess. The dream wasn't particularly sexual... none of my dreams about her have been... but she was topless at one point, changing her clothes... innocent. No big deal. Both of us comfortable. 

It was probably the longest dream I've had about her. She is going through a divorce and I just feel for her. She is such a nice person in every way and just deserves to be happy. I hope this guy knows what he's losing. I went to their wedding and Erin and I wondered even then if it would last. She's well out of his league. And probably well out of mine for that matter, besides the fact that she's a coworker and steadfastly Christian and unlikely to see an interest in an openly married man. Otherwise... I would ask her out, well I would after she's had some time... I've never been the rebound kind of guy after. Oh well.... I guess a guy can dream.

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