Wednesday, August 22, 2012

08/22/2012 New Ways to Mark Me (Erin)

August 22, 2012 • Posted from home (Phoenix, Arizona)

I had an amazing time with Erin last night. After fighting most of the day, things got better after seeing some sights and by dinner we were ok again. We got home from a long drive and got the kids to bed and I gave her a massage and near the end, I rolled her over on top of me and slipped my cock inside of her and fucked while I continuing to rub her shoulders and her neck and her back. 

I stopped after a bit and rolled her over so I could lick her pussy. She seemed disappointed and asked if I had already cum inside of her. I told her I had not and she asked why she was so wet then. All her. And she was. And she tasted amazing. I licked her through three orgasms and during the first she said she felt like she was peeing. She wasn’t. I think we’ve had our second mini-squirt. ;) 

Her orgasms were pretty wild. She was extremely responsive and while she started more or less on her side of the bed, she ended hitting her head on the night stand on my side of the bed by the time we'd finished. I told her how amazing she tasted and she asked how she tasted. I could not explain it so I kissed her. :) 

As we fucked, she started scratching my back and said she found a new way to mark me (referring to the previous time that she gave me a hickey and I had to give a presentation in front of 50 people, many of whom felt the need to comment). She scratched hard. I can still feel it today. It felt amazing!

I begged her to bite me as I was cumming and she bit my chest and scratched even harder. I was surprised later that though you can see the marks, she did not break skin. She was giggling and laughing and truly enjoying how she was making me feel. After a few seconds I got my wits about me again and licked my cum from her pussy.

She’s promised me a spanking today. “Punishment” for the fighting yesterday. Additionally, I’ll be earning that spanking, because she knows I’ll enjoy it, by chauffeuring her and the kids around town today while she runs errands and leaves me to wait for her in the car. I can’t wait! ❤ 

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