Saturday, September 3, 2011

09/03/2011 A Night Alone (Erin)

September 3, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

I had a great time with Erin last night. The kids stayed the night with her mom. We ate a late dinner... Take out that we brought home to share and just talked while watching HGTV.

We went upstairs afterward and took off our clothes and headed to bed. I licked and massaged her feet while she watched TV and posted on her message boards and Facebook. I LOVE when she just let's me do my thing while she does hers like that.

I worked my way up her legs after a while and played with her pussy and clit while I licked her ass. Eventually, my mouth was on her pussy and clit as well and I got a little rough... First flicking and then pulling and twisting her nipples while I licked her pussy. I ran my fingers over her lips and played with her ear lobes and pulled her hair a bit before returning to her boobs. Squeezing and digging my nails into each one while she gently stroked my cock and squeezed my balls.

She put down her phone and started to get into it. Before long she was breathing hard and I wrapped my hand around her neck and lightly squeezed. Not cutting off her air or anything... Just holding her there at first. My fingers on my other hands were inside her and I was sucking hard on her clit. I squeezed harder on her neck and she came. Her whole body was shuddering. She started moaning. She got so wet and tasted amazing.

I kept going. Clawing. Squeezing her boobs... Her nipples... Her neck... She came again. She didn't used to be multiorgasmic like this. It's quite new and I love it!

I moved up to kiss her and slid my cock inside of her. she licked and sucked my nipple as I fucked her and my orgasm was amazing also.

We slept naked. It was a good night.

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