Wednesday, May 4, 2011

05/04/2011 Texting with My Wife Tonight (Erin)

May 4, 2011 - Posted from work

E: I love you stud

J: I love you too sweetie

E: How can I compete with that?
How about, you are going to lick my pussy til I cum later
And then you can thrust your big hard cock into my wet pussy
Got it? Bitch?

J: Yes, ma'am. I would love that very much!
Maybe if I do a good job you will let me cum in you and lick you again?

E: Ok
Aren't we dirty?

J: I am so hard right now

E: That was the point, hehe

J: Well it is very pointy ATM
I like to be your dirty bitch

E: I like to excite you

J: You excite me like no one else
Personally, I would love it if you made me lick you clean every time. Save on some laundry :)

E: Maybe I will start, if we don't need the stuff for anything else. And I doubt we will for a long time.

J: You are perfect for me

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