Thursday, February 17, 2011

02/17/2011 Lindsay, Masturbatory Mile High Club, and Amazing Sex With My Amazing Wife (Erin & Lindsay)

February 17, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

I have been talking to Erin a lot about having sex with Lindsay. We've decided that I should do it. I've been texting more with Lindsay and going right back to tell Erin about it. Lindsay knows that Erin wants me to have sex with her. She thinks it is a little weird that my wife is willing to let me have sex with another woman but she also thinks that Erin is a cool wife. She is right. I have the coolest wife ever. :)

We have mostly been texting, but yesterday, I called her on the phone to talk to her. I was unbelievably nervous. We're close to setting a date to meet and actually do this. We've talked about a hotel, but now it looks like just going to her house is an option. It looks like it will possibly happen in the next week or two.

The best part of all of this is how much this has improved my relationship with Erin. We are like best friends... I rush to tell her every new thing that is happening and it turns us both on and just makes us both feel so close to each other. She is my confidante in all of this. We are sharing this new secret... this new part of our marriage... it's like our marriage is rising above the level of most "normal" marriages. I am loving all of the attention from her and of course it makes me want to push things forward with Lindsay so I can run back to Erin with the details. Erin feels jealous... she has been obsessing over me, she says. I love it! This is how I always felt about her... my whole life. Now to feel it coming back in return. It is just so amazing.

Lindsay told me that when she used to work for me, she had sex dreams about me and so she has wanted to do this for a long time. She did say she has gained a little weight. Trying not to let that bother me. It's shallow to even consider it being a problem but it's there. I've gained a little weight myself since then. Just hope hers is relative to mine.

I was so turned on from telling Erin about all of this that I could not wait to get home. I jacked off in the airplane bathroom and then wrote Erin and email telling her about it. She was surprised when she read it. It was fun.

I can't believe this is actually happening. It is so surreal. Erin seems to be 100% ok with sex the one time. Beyond that, she needs to see how she feels. She does refer to Lindsay as my girlfriend and I admit I do like that. Lindsay also wants to see how things go but she is open to more sex if we hit it off. I made it clear to her that I am in love with my wife and will not leave her. She doesn't want that either. She seems genuinely concerned that she does not want this to hurt my marriage, but aside from that, the fact that I am married does not seem to bother her. 

My relationship with Erin has just become so amazing in these past few months. It is like I am getting to know the real her that has been hidden inside the shy girl all these years. I love it. I love how this new start of a relationship with Lindsay is flowing over to my marriage with Erin. I feel like I did with Erin back when we were first dating.

I got home late last night and took off Erin's clothes and massaged her while we talked about all of this. Before long, I had my tongue in her ass and pussy and then sucked her clit while rubbing her g-spot and fingering her ass. She had a pretty amazing orgasm. I literally almost came just from that but I managed not to.

While I was fucking Erin, we were talking about it being practice to build up my sexual stamina so I can impress Lindsay. It was hot talking about Lindsay while I was fucking Erin. We had sex for quite a long time... probably close to an hour by the time it was all said and done. She started rubbing her clit again and then got the Hitachi out. After a while of massaging her clit with the wand while I fucked her, she had her second orgasm. Her pussy contracting around my cock and her moans put me over the top and I orgasmed as well. We've only managed to cum together a few times and it was just so amazing.

She kept on with the Hitachi and had a third orgasm while we talked. It felt good feeling the vibrations on my soft (still inside of her) through her pussy. We cuddled and talked for hours. It was EXACTLY like it was when we used to date. We didn't get to sleep until almost morning. I loved staying up all night with her. As she pointed out to me, it is ironic how another woman is bringing us closer together. She sent me an email saying I should have stepped out earlier. Well, I don't know about that but I like were our intimacy and love is headed because of all this.

I just love her so much.

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