Thursday, February 24, 2011

02/23/2011 Getting Warmer (Lindsay)

February 23, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

Over the weekend, Erin and I had a lot of amazing sex. Lately it is like every time tops the last best time. She spanked me with a paddle while we had sex and watched porn... it was the hardest she has done so far. It felt amazing. I came inside of her and licked her pussy. I'm liking that more and more. It's pretty sexy licking her pussy after I cum inside of her. She's just so amazing.

Things with Lindsay seemed to have died down a lot. I had not heard from her and she was slow to respond to my texts. We had thought she lost interest. Erin had me text her today and just straight up ask if she had. She was working a lot of extra hours and was still very interested. We talked about what it might be like on that first time... she had been trying to run scenarios through her head. It seems we are both a little nervous about that. She is very concerned in making sure this rendezvous does not affect my marriage. We talked about limits and preferences. She knows I love my wife and I will never want to replace that relationship. Neither does she.

She prefers doggy style, likes sucking cock, is ok with kissing (though she smokes and that might be a deal breaker), and does not want cunnilingus at all. We set a date for a week from Friday to try and meet up. We still need to work out the arrangements, but one option is a hotel. Erin seems to be ok with that though she is a little jealous of the alone time and that I have a new friend. I suppose those are things that have to be worked out. I just hope it continues to make our relationship as great as it has been up to now.

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