Sunday, February 13, 2011

02/13/2011 Freebie Fuck (Erin)

February 13, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

Erin has really been pressuring me lately to go out and have sex with someone else. Preferably another woman but says a man is ok too. She met up with her ex when we were first married and only recently told me. Now I apparently have a "freebie" to make things even.

She wants me to take pictures and tell her about it. She thinks it will spice up our sex life.

She says that partly the idea turns her on and partly she wants to feel punished. I'm not sure I want to be the one that punishes her but I also want to do what she wants. I am torn.

I was texting with a woman who used to work for me (Lindsay). The subject came up. She offered me her pussy. So there it is. Apparently if I want to do this for Erin then the opportunity is there.

I admit the idea of her sending me out to fuck some other woman turns me on. It seems to turn her on too. She has me half talked into it. I want to do it but I don't. She wants me to but part of her is jealous at the idea.

I will talk to her about it some more.

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