Tuesday, February 8, 2011

02/09/2011 Celebrity Sex Interests (Erin)

February 9, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

As it often does when we travel together on a road trip, our discussion on the drive home from vacation last week turned to sex. It started with Erin and I talking (again) about her sexual escapades with and feelings she had for her ex. Well, she does not refer to him as an ex-boyfriend as all they ever did was have sex, although she had a crush on him for much of her life growing up next door to him... the relationship she always hoped for never happened. They were, for all intents and purposes, fuck buddies.

The conversation eventually took a turn and she asked me if there were any women I came into contact with at work that I was attracted to. There used to be one and things could have turned sexual had I not stopped them, but she was already aware of her. I told her which of my co-workers I would have sex with if I had to choose, who she met and I honestly told her the reason I would pick her was because she reminded me most of Erin. She asked if there was anyone else. I was a little surprised that I could think of no one that I even found attractive, let alone that I would have sex with. Inevitably, the conversation turned to celebrities. Which one would I like to have sex with?

She was a little surprised at how quickly I answered. Natalie Portman or Meg Ryan.

I was not quite as surprised at her choice when I turned the question back on her. We both love watching the show "White Collar", but she has some additional motivation besides just the story line. Her choice is Matthew Bomer who plays the lead character Neal Caffrey.

I joked at the time that I might be more likely to get that chance with him than her, if she knows what I mean. Turns out, there are rumors... and a few pictures... that indicate he may indeed be gay.

But all that aside... I think it is cute that she finds him cute. It's as much that he is cute as it is his character's demeanor on the show that turns her on. While she says she is not one to fantasize about another guy sexually (though she does fantasize about me with other women or herself with a faceless man who has no identity aside from her use of his cock), it does turn me on to know that she thinks other guys out there are attractive.

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