Saturday, January 1, 2011

01/01/2011 Spanked With Her Shoe (Erin)

January 1, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

This past summer, around my birthday, Erin came up to me in the kitchen and lightly smacked my butt a few times and out of nowhere, playfully said she wondered how much of a spanking I could take.

Now I have mentioned before that I would like for her to spank me, but it had been a long time since I had brought it up and this was just very unexpected. With a suddenly very hard cock, I told her I don't know but it would be fun to find out.
About a week later, I was playfully smacking her butt while we talked in bed, alternating between smacking and rubbing. I rolled over onto my stomach to lay next to her after a while and she sat up and started rubbing my shoulders and scratching my back. She smacked my butt a couple of times and I reminded her of what she said in the kitchen the week before.

She started smacking my butt a little harder than she usually might, but not hard enough to register any pain. I laid down and we talked some more while she smacked and then rubbed my butt, over and over. I reached down and picked up one of her flip flops that she had kicked off at the foot of the bed and handed it to her. I told her she could use it as a paddle. I didn't think she actually would, but she took it and started spanking me with it while we talked. I was very turned on. It felt really good.

After a while I told her I didn't think she was really trying to hurt me. She said of course she wasn't and I told her to spank me as hard as she could with it. She did. It hurt. I loved it. This continued on for a while. She was talking about some of her frustrations and as she got into what was really frustrating her, the smacks got harder. I told her to keep doing it. As hard as she could. She said she did not understand why her hurting me was a turn on and I honestly replied that I don't know either, but it was working. She pulled my pants down to see if she was leaving any marks, she wasn't. I thought she was going to spank my bare ass, and I said "go ahead" but I don't think she caught my meaning. She pulled my underwear back up and resumed her smacks.

She was hitting me with her shoe faster and harder. Hard enough that it was starting to cause me to jump a little, which I tried to control because I didn't want her to stop. I rolled over onto my back after a while and she started rubbing my cock through my underwear. She looked me in the eye and commented, "a little moist". I said I told her it was really turning me on.

I sat with her between my legs, facing away from me and started kissing her neck and shoulders, rubbing her boobs and pinching her nipples, while she stroked my cock through my underwear with her arm bent around behind her back. I didn't cum. We came down for breakfast and had sex when we got undressed to take a shower.

I told her we need to stop and buy her a paddle to use. Honestly, though, I LOVED that she was using her shoe on me because I have a thing for her shoes anyway. The best part was how indifferent she seemed to it while she stood there at the foot of the bed smacking me with her shoe while she talked to me about completely non-sexual things. I am still feeling very tender. The spanking  made me feel connected to her. I cannot wait to do this again!

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  1. That's a great post. I have never had a shoe smacking.... sounds like some fun :)