Monday, May 24, 2010

05/24/2010 Last Night (Erin)

May 24, 2010 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

I had sex with Erin last night in our bed. The windows were open and the lights were out. The room was almost completely dark. Just a faint light came in from the street outside. The air was warm and her skin was moist with sweat.

I turned her over onto her stomach while I kissed and licked her naked butt. The morning light will likely reveal a hickey that went unseen in the dark.

I took her toes into my mouth, sucking and licking them and running my tongue along the sole of her foot while I rubbed her legs.

I moved up to kiss her first on the lips, then on her breast... I spread her knees apart and kissed her pussy.

Licking over and over from her lips to her clit, she tasted amazing. I was intoxicated, alternating between kissing and sucking and breathing her in.

I licked her clit gently. More so than normal. She was enjoying it. She was quiet... Not a sound coming from her, no doubt a conscious effort thanks to the windows being open wide. But her body told the story. She spread her legs further and adjusted her body so I would lick her right where she wanted. I kept up the slow gentle licking and sucking. I was more interested in enjoying the taste and submissive posturing of licking her pussy than I was in bringing her to orgasm just yet. But the change in tactic seemed to driving her to it none the less.

Before long, she had her hands on either side of my face and her hips were lifting her up to press her pussy into me. I lightly played with her nipples and kept the slow rhythm of licking her up and down. I pushed my tongue deep into her and sucked hard trying to bring out the taste from her deepest recess. I sucked hard at her pussy lips, rubbing her clit ever so slowly with literally a mouth full of pussy.

By now, I was drunk with emotion and sex and lust. I started kissing and sucking harder. I needed her to orgasm as much as she seemed to need it. I needed to give her that pleasure. She was bucking her hips, pressing my head down into her crotch and almost grinding her pussy against my mouth. When she abruptly came, her whole body arched and I had to hold on to keep her pussy against my mouth. She gets sooo sensitive after, but I was not ready to stop. I held her wrists tight and kept her from pulling away, causing her to buck and twist beneath me. The pleasure was intense.

We had sex afterward. My orgasm was enjoyable, of course, but I got the most pleasure out of giving her hers.

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