Sunday, April 4, 2010

1987: After School Special

April 4, 2010 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

With middle school began our seven short years of gym clothes, locker rooms, and communal showers. Every single day we were required to get naked twice... once to change into our gym clothes before class and once to shower and change back after. Changing before class, everyone was in a hurry... it was fairly easy to get changed without a lot of attention... and in the commotion, it was not difficult sneaking a peak here and there.

But after class was much more difficult. Showering took time. And there were only so many shower heads... so there was the line leading in to contend with. With our towels waiting on the exit side of the shower room, we stood naked holding our soap and shampoo as we waiting in front of one naked classmate and behind another for one of the boys inside to exit.

Whether in the line or shower, we generally kept our eyes downcast to avoid contact... which worked well to the advantage of anyone who wanted to be looking down. Every day, I was nervous... scared... that I would not "measure up" to the other boys... and terrified that in my excitement to see them naked that I would, as occasionally someone would sport an erection and inevitably the teasing would soon follow and would be endured until they next unfortunate boy took his place. It was a bitter sweet adventure... all those naked bodies... naked dicks and balls hanging within arms reach... so close but so far away.

Many a day after the bus ride home I would create my own after school special. Within minutes of getting in the door I was naked long enough to put my sweaty gym clothes on... only to remove them again after a few brief exercises. While the water warmed up, I stood naked... waiting with the soap and shampoo bottle in hand... imagining the boys behind me were commenting on my naked backside... imagining the boy in front and doing nothing now to stop my erection... the cue I gave myself that it was my turn in the shower.

Once inside, I closed my eyes and imagined the shower scene from that day... whatever boys happened to share the shower room with me were there... and of course there was one boy who was always there regardless. Occasionally, the teacher (who in the real locker room seemed to have no issue standing naked at the shower entrance making sure the boys inside kept up the pace until we had all gone and he entered with the last of us) was there in my shower with me. The whispers that occurred in that locker room matched my own surprise at the size of the first adult male cock I had ever seen. I imagine I am not the only boy who wondered about the wonders of it. It was not long before I was soaped up... my hands were the hands of the other boys rubbing over my body... sometimes I got on my knees while masturbating... sucking a finger imagining it was one of them... others I stood while their hands brought about my relief.

Nervous though I was... I loved seeing them naked every day.

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