Friday, April 2, 2010

04/02/2010 Secrets I Keep (Erin)

April 2, 2010 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

My first many sexual experiences growing up were with other boys. It was not until sixth grade that I had my first sexual interest in a girl and not until I was 15 that I had my first sexual encounter with a girl. Erin is aware that I "played" with my cousin when I was young... she is aware that he taught me what masturbation is (he called it "one man sex") and showed me how to do it. She is aware that I gave him a hand job. She is aware that I am "curious" about sexual activities with another man and once had sex with me while we watched a bisexual porn video... it was a little unsettling for her.

She is not aware that I have had several cocks in my mouth and have swallowed the cum of a boy she knows from school. She is not aware that I let a man suck the cum from my cock and that I had his in my mouth after we were married. She does not know that I browse the internet seeking bi and homosexual porn. She does not know that I cam with other men in hotel rooms.

I wish I could open up fully. Little by little I have given her pieces of the truth. I expect she will perhaps eventually know it all.

UPDATE: As on November 7, 2010 the secret is no more. I told her everything. She told me she had sex with her ex a few months after we were married. The truth is out. It hurt at first. But now we are much better for it. All is right with the world.

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