Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1992: From Her Nose to Her Toes (Erin)

March 30, 2010 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

I have literally licked every square inch of Erin's body. We started dating in high school. I am very orally fixated during sex... I love to use my mouth and tongue. I joked with her once while we were fooling around on her couch while her mom was at a school event with her younger brother and sister that I had probably licked her all over by now. She teased back that it wasn't exactly true because I had never licked her underarms or her nose or eyes. I took it as a challenge and stripped off the remaining clothes she was wearing. I started at her toes and purposefully worked my way around every square inch of her skin with my tongue... between her toes... up her calf.... behind her knees... I spent more than its share on her pussy and ass... up her back and around to her belly button.... nipples... neck.... even her arm pits, which was challenging because her Secret deodorant kept drying out my mouth.... her neck.... her ears. The funniest part was her face. We were both laughing so hard... but the mission was accomplished. I have kissed every inch of her and explored every orifice with my mouth, lips, and tongue. It's a journey I'll have to take again, very soon.

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