Sunday, March 14, 2010

03/14/2010 Submission (Erin)

March 14, 2010 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

My sexual interests, specifically in porn, tend to shift from time to time. It seems that whatever I am into at the time tends to take over. Lately, I have felt especially drawn to porn involving submissive men and more dominant women. I've taken a real interest in the pics of pussy licking men, which is interesting as up to this point, I have never really had much interest in those kinds of pics. I'm also finding myself drawn to pics of women fucking men with strap-ons and MMF bisexual threesomes. Mostly though, it has been all about the pussy.

When I say "dominant women" and "submissive men", I'm not so much talking about the kind of porn where the man is considered filth and beneath the women... where they are humiliating him with derogatory names and physical and verbal abuse. It's hard to explain... consider instead the way a woman would feel about a puppy or the condescension that might normally be reserved from an adult towards a child. In other words, I enjoy a submissiveness where the woman is superior to the man in a more casual and natural sense. One where she can punish if she needs to, but not that she must do so in order to subdue him or to specifically humiliate him for her own pleasure. While I do enjoy the sense of humiliation, I prefer it to flow more naturally. I guess a better way to put it is I prefer the woman to be placed on a pedestal by the man rather than the man being forcefully subdued by the woman.

The last two times I have showered with Erin, I have taken the soap and washed her from head to toe. I especially enjoyed the time I spent on my knees in front of her, soaping her pussy... her ass... her legs... her feet... while the water cascaded off of her body... splashing me in the face while my cock hung erect in obvious enjoyment. When I have licked her pussy the last few times, I have positioned her conspicuously at the edge of the bed so I can kneel down on my knees to make her cum. I love being at her feet.

I serve her because I love her and because it is my place. I love the way it makes me feel. I wish we could make this a part of our normal, everyday life.

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