Saturday, January 30, 2010

01/30/2010 Missed Opportunities (Erin)

January 30, 2010 - Posted from home (Indiana)

Erin and I were having sex in my office at the house. She was dangling from a hook in the ceiling on our sex swing and I was standing on the floor in front of her with her legs in the stirrups to either side of me. I came inside of her and as I helped her out of the swing, some of my cum dripped from her pussy and landed on her foot.

She knows how much I love sucking her toes and kissing her feet. She lifted her foot up and sort of half jokingly asked if I would like to have a lick. I froze. I was so embarrassed because I told her once I was curious about eating cum. She has kissed me after a blow job before and I've eaten her creampie a few times. I don't know why this was somehow so different. I guess because kissing her feet is submissive as it is. Eating my own cum from her pussy is sexually pleasing her at the same time... being kissed is passive. In this case... it would have been solely for the purpose of me licking up my cum.

I caved and said no even though everything in me was aching to do it. I regret not taking her up on it. Random chance handed me an opportunity and I passed it up. Now, it is likely my only chance will be to purposefully jack off on her feet and clean her up. I am determined now. One of these days, I will.

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