Tuesday, January 19, 2010

01/19/2010 Auntie's Panties (Jacque)

January 19, 2010 - Posted from home (Indiana)

Jacque's Bra
I went to a birthday party at Erin’s cousin's house. Jacque is an attractive older woman… and she’s a nurse. Who hasn't had the hot nurse fantasy at one time or another? She was a “surprise” pregnancy for my wife’s grandparents so there isn't a whole lot of age gap. I’m 32, my wife is 30, her aunt is 39.

I went up to her bedroom to collect our coats, which had been put on her bed, and saw some of her laundry in a hamper on the floor. I played with her shoes a bit and pocketed a pair of light pink Victoria’s Secret panties, a pair of plain white cotton Haynes Her Way panties, and a bra. The panties are a size 6/M and the bra looks to be a 38C. The tag is worn, but her boobs are much larger than anyone I've done anything with.
Jacque's Dirty Panties

I feel wrong for having taken them, but I’ve had dreams about her before and I just did it. The panties... she smells amazing... Just the scent alone is enough to make me want to cum.

I tasted her panties… just flicking my tongue a bit on her dried pussy juices… of which there is a lot. She tastes as good as she smells. Swiping panties has never really been my thing, but I can see why some men are so into it. 
Jacque's Bra & Panties

Just for fun, I took some pics of her panties on our Christmas tree. It was a Christmas challenge on one of the Yahoo Groups I’m part of.

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