Tuesday, January 19, 2010

01/22/2000: We All Fell Asleep (Erin, Lynn)

January 19, 2010 - Posted from home (Indiana)

It was in January of 2000. Erin's sister stayed the night the weekend after we had our first child, under the pretenses of helping though she was less helpful and more like a guest we had to take care of. We stayed up late and were all piled into our queen size bed watching television and we all fell asleep Erin, her sister (Lynn), and myself.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find Lynn's bare foot pressed against my cheek. As is usually the case when I wake up, I had an erection and having a naked foot pressed against me was turning me on as well. Both of them were asleep. Erin was sleeping on her side facing toward me. Her sister was laying between us with her head at the foot of the bed. I laid there for a few minutes and contemplated going to the bathroom to relieve myself, but temptation had me conflicted and ultimately I gave in.

I turned my head just slightly and Lynn's foot was pressed to my lips. I licked her foot just slightly at first and then across her sole from heal to toe. She didn't stir and, even more importantly, Erin didn't either so I adjusted a little and started sucking on her toes while intently watching Erin sleep... half because I was scared to death that she would wake up and half because it felt dirty and added so much to the experience.

We were all sleeping on top of the covers and I freed my cock out from my boxer shorts and pulled her other foot over to my cock and rubbed myself against her... slowly giving myself a foot job... watching Erin's face for any sign of movement. I experimented with feeling my way up her leg... her skin was so soft... and not really thinking about how far I was going, I slipped my fingers just inside of Lynn's panties. I could feel her lips... she was warm. I slid my fingers a little further and slide them inside of her pussy... just the tip... then to my knuckle... she was so warm and wet. Without warning, she stirred! I just froze... not knowing what to do. I had my finger in her pussy, her toe in my mouth, and my hard cock pulled out with her foot pressed against it. But no one woke up. I managed to stay married.

I resumed rubbing her foot over my cock and slowly pulled my hand free from her pussy and tasted her... it pushed me over the edge and I came all over her foot. I realized I couldn't let her wake up this way and I had nothing to clean her up with... I was still really turned on and I licked my cum off of her until she was clean. It was the first time I had ever managed to get myself to swallow my own cum.

I had a crush on her. People do stupid things when emotions get involved. I was half asleep... drunk with hormones... really really stupid... and very lucky no one woke up. I reached down and intertwined my fingers in hers and held her hand until I fell asleep. At some point, I was startled awake when her hand came free as she rolled over in the bed. Her foot was again pressed against my face again. I gave it a kiss and fell back asleep, not bothering to move it aside.

UPDATE: I told Erin about this in November of 2010 when we came clean with all of our secrets. She was bothered by this... it was her sister and that crossed lines she wasn't ok with. I felt bad for having done it, but nothing I can do about it now. The good news is, the crush I had on her sister is pretty much gone. Erin has forgiven me and the only time she's brought this up, it's been in an "I can't believe you did something so dirty" kind of way. So it's not really an issue between us, though I do feel bad for hurting her. I'm very lucky that we are both so forgiving and love each other so much. 

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