Tuesday, January 4, 2011

01/04/2011 Fantasy: Caught With Her Shoes (Erin)

January 4, 2011 - Posted from home (Indianapolis, IN)

A favorite fantasy of mine:

I am naked on the floor in our closet with my cock inside one of her shoes when just before I'm about to cum, I feel her hand on my shoulder. I'm startled as she gently rolls me over to face her. My face is flushed, both with the effort of the vigorous sexual workout and the embarrassment of being discovered on the closet floor fucking a pair of her tennis shoes.

She kneels down beside me and, as I start to look for an explanation, she just presses a finger to my lips to silence me. Awkward and fully embarrassed, lying naked on my back with my wife beside me, I try again to explain; but as soon as I open my mouth, she lifts a sock from the small pile of clothes on the floor next to her and gently places it in my mouth. In one smooth motion, she lifts her leg over my chest and presses herself against my face, holding me in place, as she leans forward to examine my predicament. Her shoe, I realize is still on my stiff cock and she laughs a little as she takes it in her hand and starts to masturbate me with it.

Before long, I find myself close again, as she jerks me off in her shoe. Her hips rock against me as she rubs her pussy against my face. The denim of her jeans is uncomfortably rough as she grinds against my face and squeezes her feet together so her shoes are tight against my face. The taste of her sock in my mouth... the raw feeling of her jeans on my face... the pressure of her shoes against my cheeks... I let out a muffled moan as my cum fills her shoe. She continues to fuck me until my erection subsides then, as abruptly as it all started, she gets up, leans over me and with her saliva soaked sock still in my mouth and my cock still inside her cum filled shoe, she kisses my cheek and says, "Please clean this up when you're finished." and leaves the room as though nothing at all had happened.

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