Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1991: The First Time I Touched A Pussy (Erin)

November 24, 2009 - Posted from home (Indiana)

The best part of licking a woman's pussy is savoring her delicious and aromatic juices.

The first time I had ever smelled a pussy was in 1991 while Erin and I were dating. I was 15, in high school and she was 13 in middle school. We had been "going together" for a couple of months and things had naturally progressed to where she allowed me to slip my hand down her pants. I had to encourage her to let me keep going when my fingers were just shy of her pubic hair. I had experienced a handful of sexual experiences with other boys but had never played with a girl. I was her first of any kind and she was extremely shy. Before long, my fingers were tangled in her pubic hair and then I felt her pussy lips. I remember being surprised that she was wet down there. I'd had no knowledge of a girl's pussy except what I learned in 8th grade health class and that certainly did not prepare me for this. I managed to get my middle finger in knuckle deep when her sister came out onto the porch and I pulled my hand free before anything was noticed. Dinner was ready and I had to go.

As I was walking home (I lived 4 houses down the street), I could smell her on my fingers and intoxicated myself with her scent. I didn't want to wash my hand, but I knew the smell would fade eventually and I was too curious about how she tastes. I locked myself in my bedroom and smelled her delicious smell while I masturbated with my free hand, pants around my ankles. I sucked my finger when I started to cum and it was one of the most amazing orgasms I had ever had up to that point.

Within 3 months of "going together" we had sex and it was only a few weeks afterward when I finally got to smell and taste her pussy. I remember it so well... sitting naked on my knees on her bedroom floor, she lay back on her bed and I scooted her bottom to the edge. I pulled her legs up around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss her. She smelled and tasted so sweet. I was hooked from that moment. It remains one of my favorite things to do and, while thinking back I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing, I've since become very good at making her cum with my lips and tongue. It is its own reward.

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