Thursday, September 17, 2009

09/17/2009 A Poem: Our night on the Balcony (Erin)

September 17, 2009 - Posted from our beach condo (Florida)

Internet Photo - Assumed to be public domain.

They first made love beneath a tree;
last night, on a balcony.

Her naked man, down on his knees;
Under her skirt, in the ocean breeze.

The beach was dark, the stars were bright;
Two silhouettes played in the night.

Salty wind on naked skin;
A nervous kiss as they begin.

He stands naked, before her chair;
Lifts her shirt, her breasts now bare.

She parts her legs, he thrusts his hips;
A quiet moan escapes his lips.

Back and forth, they slowly dance;
To ocean waves against the sand.

As lightning lights the starry sky;
his cock explodes deep in his bride.

Leaning down into her kiss;
A whispered "thank you" on his lips.

Amazed at how his shy young wife;
Brings another fantasy to life.

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