Saturday, August 29, 2009

08/29/2009 Erin's Wet Deam

August 29, 2009 - Posted from home (Indiana)

Erin in bloom. Photo taken in 2011
When we woke up this morning, Erin was telling me about the dream she had last night. Her sister had gotten her own place and we were walking around in it. Her sister was never there. Apparently, at some point, it opened up into a sprawling complex and we were walking naked down a long hallway. A random guy walked up to us and said something about doing some things. She figured since we were all already naked, why not?

So she laid on the floor with him and he fucked her with me watching. She had an amazing orgasm and when she woke up, realized she had also had an orgasm in real life. She wasn't sure if it was just a really good orgasm in the dream or if she really did have one. She said she's woken up after sex dreams before and masturbated herself to orgasm, but had never had one spontaneously like this. She's pregnant and when she orgasms, her stomach becomes very hard from contractions and she was surprised to find this to be the case from her dream. Obviously she did. I have heard of this.

I told her it would be so hot to see her having sex with another man. She told me she never would. So while it will most likely always remain a fantasy, I'll just have to keep chipping away... who knows, maybe she'll open up one day and we can make her dream come true.

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