Monday, June 15, 2009

06/15/2009 Hotel Webcam with Another Man

June 15, 2009 - Posted from a hotel in St Louis, Missouri

I brought my webcam with me on the trip this time along with an anal vibe. The vibrator is "jointed" and the ability to bend it allows the angle to be just right for hitting the prostate right where I need to.

I got on yahoo messenger with a guy from Newbie Nudes and we jacked off together. He did a really good job of chatting me up and helping me to get off. Between the vibrations in my ass... which were at full speed by the time I came... and the hot chatting about group sex involving our wives, it was a really good time.

I came pretty hard and watching him jack off while he watched me doing it was really hot! I have to admit that it was also hot.... and a little humiliating... when he asked me to turn around and show him the purple vibrator I had stuck up my ass. He told me to pretend it was his cock... well, I was already doing that… I can't wait to cam again.

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