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05/06/2009 HoMedics Massager / Simultaneous Orgasms (Erin)

May 6, 2009 - Posted from home (Indiana)

A couple of years ago, it was not often that Erin would make it a point to ask me several times during the day if I am going to have sex with her that night. It started in the shower. I was rubbing her over and just couldn't help myself so I masturbated while I squeezed her butt and boobs and held her tight against me.

HoMedics Massager
Then later in the day, I jerked off again in the bathroom while she was downstairs...

When we finally got to bed, I was giving her a back massage with our little HoMedics massager. It has these funky blue lights that for some reason I find to be sexy. Before too long the vibrating little feet on the massager found their way between her legs. She was getting into it so I pulled down her pajama pants and panties and started rubbing the feet on her bare clit. The batteries in it were brand new and the thing was vibrating so hard it was actually numbing my hand so I was a little worried it might do the same to her.

Before long, I was naked and I had pulled her left leg out of the pajamas and panties so I could have better access. I moved the massager down to her pussy and sucked on her clit for a while then alternated between the toy and my mouth.

She repositioned so she could access my dick better and started sucking on it while she massaged my balls. It was only fair to give her the same attentions so I moved the little foot of the massager down over her pussy lips and started licking her clit. After a couple of minutes, I worked one foot of the massager into her pussy and twisted it so a second foot of the little tripod was pressing against her butt.

She started taking me deeper into her mouth. When she hit orgasm, I was ready to cum in her mouth, but I also still wanted to fuck her so I held back as best I could manage. What made it all the more difficult was that my hand had managed to get tangled in her panties that were dangling off of her leg and my face was half pressed into them this entire time. It became a struggle between her obviously trying to make me cum and me trying to ride through her orgasm. In the end, I managed to win... a rarity in our bed.

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I climbed on top of her and slid my dick inside her. She's pregnant now and the missionary position is beginning to be a little uncomfortable. I laid on my side next to her and put both her legs over my body and slipped inside of her pussy again. We fucked like this for a good 15 minutes. I had handed her the massager and coaxed her to play with her clit with it and try for #2.

The thing was vibrating her pussy so hard I could feel it in every inch of my cock. How I managed to last so long ... well I know why, I had cum twice already during the day and was now working on my fifth orgasm in less than 48 hours... but still, she mentioned that she was impressed. She started to cum and her pussy contracting around my cock while her body stiffened... it was too much and I came inside her.

We've only managed to synchronize our orgasms two other times in our life and it was really good. It was definitely a change of pace that we both needed.

I can't wait to use the toy again. I'm thinking about ordering a Hitachi Magic Wand with some choice attachments for her.

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