Wednesday, April 15, 2009

04/16/2009 Foot Sex (Erin)

April 16, 2009 - Posted from home (Indiana)

Tonight, Erin and I took a bath together. Afterward, while I gave her a full body massage. I sucked on each of her toes... licked her ass and pussy and slipped my dick inside of her a few times as I rubbed her naked body. Before long, she had her legs in the air with her thighs pressed against my cheeks while I licked and sucked on her clit. Her orgasm was so intense she was pulling away as her whole body tensed. I love making her feel so much that she can't handle the contact.

Erin's feet on my cock. Taken in 1999.
After her body settled a bit, I moved my body on top of hers and started to fuck her. I asked her what made this orgasm seem to be so intense. She told me that she was fantasizing about fucking a dildo that she had strapped to my leg while she watched me jack off in front of her. Wow! What happened to my innocent wife? Sounds like fun to me!

I pulled out of her and rubbed and slapped my cock against the outside of her pussy letting her lips wrap around the shaft. Her legs were up in the air and I was sucking on her toes. She started teasing me about how much I was into her feet. She commented that I didn't seem to be able to leave them alone tonight. I took that as an invitation and sat back and rubbed her feet on my cock and after a few strokes, she took over and rubbed my dick with her left foot and my balls with her right. It's been years since she gave me a foot job. I came pretty quick. Can't wait to do that again. One of these times, I need to work up the nerve to lick her feet clean afterward. That would be amazing.

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  1. Sounds great.

    A true gentleman always licks a lady's feet clean after cumming on them. My wife didn't understand at all the first time. Now she enjoys it.