Friday, March 27, 2009

03/27/2009 Privacy (Masturbation)

March 27, 2009 - Posted from home (Indiana)

Erin knows I masturbate several times a week, if not daily. A lot of times, I lock the door and do it in private, not really out of necessity but because sometimes I just like to be alone. But she has seen me do it as well. She does it too and while she is still a little self conscious about doing it in front of me, she always makes it a point to tell me after she did with this sort of 'guess what I just did' smirk on her face. It's sexy as hell. Sometimes I think that look on her face afterward is worth more than watching her.

I still feel a little shy about doing it in front of her too and I still do it in secret most of the time, even though it shouldn't be a big deal. I wish we could be open with each other with it. It would be so hot to watch each other and just be comfortable enough to do it in bed while she does it or even while she isn't. Why am I so afraid of doing it in front of her?

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