Monday, December 22, 2008

1993: I Kissed a Boy ... and I liked it (Brad)

December 22, 2008 - Posted from home (Indiana)

As time went on, when Brad came over to stay the night, we got a little friskier. We played hide and seek in our basement with some of the other neighbor kids. We had all the lights out so it was pitch black. Brad and I kept managing to hide in the same spot. None of the others figured that out. The game was you had to find the first person you could and then they would give you 60 seconds to go hide and they had to start the search over.

Brad and I had predetermined several hiding spots so when someone would stumble onto our spot, one of us would get "caught" without anyone realizing we were both there and then we would meet up again in the next hiding spot after we found one of the other kids. This went on for 3 hours or so.

It started out with heavy petting and groping... then as the night went on we would unzip and play a little... then suck a little... and then toward the end of the night, we started were cramped in this tight spot on the floor behind a corner chair and someone was getting closer to finding us. They were right on top of us and we could barely make their silhouette our in the blinking VCR clock light. We crammed ourselves tighter into the corner next to the couch. There was a cough across the room and then we were in the clear. The way we were situated, we were face to face, literally. Without thinking, our lips met and we kissed ... just a peck.

Then later on, we got onto the couch when the other kid had gone into the next room to look for someone and we kissed some more. Before I knew it, our lips had parted and we experienced our first french kiss with another boy... his first kiss altogether. It was different from kissing a girl. It's hard to explain and much of it may have been in my head but it was very different. Weird different, at first. Then ok different. Then I want to keep going different.

Ultimately, Brad decided he wanted to pull back on that and stick to other things. It was an  intimate thing to do and I don't think either of us were in the mindset of having feelings for another guy. Somehow, feelings made you gay in our heads but all of the other things we were doing didn't quite register the same way. Before the night was over, we kissed again, but then that was it. It was the one night and I have not since kissed another guy.

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