Monday, August 11, 2008

1984: All Things Must End (Robbie)

August 11, 2008 - Posted from home (Indiana)

Once school started, we saw Robbie a whole lot less. Staying over on school nights was obviously not aloud and weekends were generally just time at home but we usually went over to my grandparents house on the holidays and so we still got to have some fun now and again. There was a room upstairs that was filled with stuff... they just used it for storage. There was an old mattress that was propped up against one wall and we would sneak behind it and play around when we went over.

As fun as that was, the holidays turned out to be too far between and ultimately, we ended up growing apart and soon enough the fun between us and Robbie came to an end... but my brother and I still had each other and we grew closer for a while there. We used to sneak out to this old car that was parked at the back of our yard and climb inside. One of us would pretend to drive and the other would lay his head in the driver's lap. We masturbated in front of each other and a couple of times I sucked on him and once he sucked me. It felt more wrong than it did with Robbie so it didn't happen as often or for as long.

After that, I learned to take care of myself on a much more regular basis... in bed, in the basement, out in the yard, behind the garage, in the bathroom... anywhere I could.

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