Monday, July 31, 2006

07/22/2006 Our First Creampie: Birthday Surprise (Erin)

July 31, 2006 - Posted from home (Indiana)

I am turned by the thought of eating cum but, like most men, I lose the nerve once I've had an orgasm. There have been a handful of times I've kept up the nerve enough to do it after masturbating. I eventually got tired of getting horny and regretting losing my nerve from the last time and just made the decision to force myself to do it.

Erin doesn't mind giving me blowjobs but really has never enjoyed letting me cum in her mouth because she said she does not like the consistency. She's done it a few times and I would try of course to get her to do it more often. I asked her what the big deal was and told her to just kiss me afterwards to show me. So on those rare occasions when she did finish, she would ask afterwards if I wanted a kiss, but I would always back down until eventually she just kissed me without asking. Some of it was the sudden drop in desire, but most of it was the embarrassment of her seeing me swallow cum. I eventually came across some posts on the internet where men were "forced" to do it or enjoyed doing it to please their wives.

On New Year's Eve (12/31/2005) she sucked my cock in the shower and finished me with a handjob allowing me to cum all over her chest. I surprised her my swiping my tongue through it and it really surprised her quite a bit. Honestly, I think I might have surprised myself a bit too.

We had one of our most amazing sexual experiences on my birthday just this month. While driving to Disney World for a vacation, just the two of us... no kids, we were talking about sex the whole way down. One of the topics that came up was going down on her after I came inside her. I joked that I lose the nerve so she would have to make me do it. She teased that she would, but I figured it wouldn't ever happen because she was usually a little timid in bed. Never the aggressor, never the initiator... Or so I had thought.

The night of my 30th birthday, we were in the room at the resort in Port Orleans French Quarter. We had the television on in the background, Lethal Weapon, I believe, and I turned on my video camera as she gave me a really amazing blowjob... a lot of kissing and licking and sucking and eye contact... totally not like her. She sucked my cock for ten minutes and then stopped and asked if that was good for me. It was amazing for me. And now it was my turn to pleasure her.

I licked her pussy her trying hard to give her an orgasm, but I just wasn't able to get her over the edge. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to be able to make her cum. It was disappointing, but we had some really hot sex. I came inside of her and immediately after I pulled out, she looked me in the eye and told me that she wasn't done yet, that I had to make her cum too. Before I could respond... before her words even registered, she just pushed my head down and between her naked legs. The next thing I knew I had cum smeared over half my face while she pushed me hard against her bucking hips.

She ground her pussy into my face and I remember how surprised I was at how strong she was... she pushed me into her pussy with more force than I thought she had in her and it was making me hard again as I took in the fact that I had just been reduced to my wife's masturbation toy. It was an amazing feeling... the submission, the humiliation, being used like that... Her pussy was so different after being fucked. It wasn't just the cum, but the whole experience was somehow different. Her pussy was warmer, wetter more than what could possibly be from just my cum. The taste of the two of us together was just wonderful. I knew I was going to want to do this again. And probably more often than she would allow. I worked my lips and tongue hard... trying again to give her the orgasm she was demanding from me... that she was forcing out of herself through me. And when her orgasm finally... suddenly... came, it was as though I was with a different woman entirely. It was as though something had burst inside of her.

Normally, she is quiet in bed... no moaning... no words... and certainly not a aggressive. The only way I would know if she had an orgasm was to ask her. They were rare, but I was able to give them to her. Though none were powerful like this. This time was very different. She was breathing heavy, actually moaning! I've never heard a more sexy sound in my life. She was bucking her hips against me, pushing the back of my head into her with her fingers twisted around my hair. Her body was writhing from head to toe and she was grinding her cum-filled pussy against my mouth. Suddenly, she tasted much sweeter... I've never made her cum like this before. I've never had an orgasm like that before. It was humbling... and shocking... and I was just in awe of her.

As she settled down settled down and released the pressure on the back of my head, I suddenly became very aware of the fact that my cum was all over my face... I didn't know what to do, but I was nervous for her to see cum all over my mouth, knowing I had licked it from her pussy... knowing that I was sucking at her pussy much harder than I usually did... knowing I had been trying to get as much cum as I could... knowing I have been asking her to help me do this. I was worried what she would think of me now. Would she be disgusted? Would she think I was gay? Would she look down on me now? All of these worries flew through my head in the space of a heartbeat, but before I could wipe the cum off my now embarrassed and certainly flushed face, she pulled me up and kissed me hard... probing my mouth deeply with her tongue... another new experience as it was typically the other way around.

And in that kiss, I felt... loved. Accepted. Whole. Hers. It was absolutely an amazing experience. The fantasy of eating my cum out of her... her sudden dominance over me... the way she took her pleasure into her own hands and used my face as an extension of her own masturbation... the humiliation of her seeing me with cum all over my face... the love she must have for me to open herself up and make it all a reality... it was the best birthday I have ever had.


  1. Wow! First, I can't believe no one has commented on this post. It was very hot.

    Second, your situation is extremely similar to mine. My wife has never forced me like yours did (though I would love it if she did), but my feeling/reactions/thoughts are very similar to yours.

    Has she ever done it again? Have you ever done it again?

  2. I have enjoyed her cream pie a few more times as well, but that was the only time that she took charge over me to do it in that manner. However, there was another time when she took on the dominant role again. November 7, 2010 (I have posted about this also) She used a dildo on me for the first time and I came on her boobs. She told me to lick her clean and I lickd her a few times. I started to pull away and she made it clear that I was not done. Take a look at the post for all the details, but it was even hotter to me than this was. The creampie was about me giving her her orgasm and the cum play was almost secondary to that... this time it was ONLY about the cum. I loved it.

  3. great post! Loved it.

  4. Well, this post has been around for awhile, but I'm just getting into this now. I've mentioned to my wife that I would not mind her making me eat my cum from her pussy and even had some great orgasms where we had talked about that me the outcome, but after I come she won't follow through and "make" me do it.

  5. Mr Bill, it's a wonderful journey and it was a process for us too. Perhaps by now things have progressed. I certainly hope you get to enjoy this. Submitting to Erin is the most fulfilling feeling I have ever experienced. I never feel more "me" than when we are operating in this mode together. Best of luck to you. Let me know how things are going. :)