Friday, January 1, 1999

1997: Dating Erin / 1999: Watching Porn with Erin

1999 - Posted from home (Indiana)

I bought a price of equipment that hooks up to my computer so I can pull images from a video on the camcorder or use the camcorder to take digital pictures. It's called Snappy 3.0

I just love her yummy pussy
Today, Erin and I are looking at porn on my computer in my office at home. When we were dating again, after we got back together, she would come over to my apartment when my fiancé was at work at we would look at porn together. Usually pretty tame stuff as porn goes... straight sex, blowjobs, anal sex... Well, tame compared to what I would look at alone, certainly. Once, she let me unbutton her shirt and kiss her boobs after we'd been looking at porn for a while. We'd moved onto the couch in the living room... a bamboo love seat with one big cushion on it. I bought it at Pier One Imports.
I love this one... my ring... I'm hers.
I practically begged her to let me lick her pussy, but she wasn't ready to jump in quite that deep at first. At the time, she was still having sex with her neighbor, who she had a crush on. We were just friends at that point, albeit friends who were starting to be a little playful together. She was hoping a relationship would come of that. It was so hard to hear about how she felt about him because I was still very much in love with her. And then there was her ex-boyfriend, who was still in high school, was also trying to woo her back too. 

She's watching porn while I feel her up.
I am not sure if she was still having sex with him too at that point, but I do think there was a time when she was having sex with all three of us, separately of course. She had three men after her affections.

Eventually, we did start having sex and eventually I kicked my fiancé out, but not before Erin and I had fucked on our bed, our couch, and Shannon's spot on the kitchen table. Yes, I was cheating on her though she knew from the start that I still loved Erin and I also was aware that she was having sex with a coworker.

Perky and Beautiful.
Anyway, I am glad I am married to a woman who watches porn with me. Though sometimes it starts to bother her a bit and she asks why she's not enough for me. That always breaks my heart because she is enough for me... and then some! But then things swing back the other way and she will want to watch porn again with me and starts to get into sex more. It kind of goes back and forth. It's hard when it goes back and amazing when it goes forth.

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